Doug Swain

Bookkeeper (retired)

Taft School, Colorado College.

Contact Information

Douglas M. Swain
143 South Great Rd.
Lincoln, MA 01773
Mob: 617-281-0115
Fax: 781-259-8070

Area Served

Boston & Western Suburbs

Depositing checks, processing payroll, and paying bills using accounting software.


Lincoln is roughly in between Concord and Waltham, Mass. South Great Rd. is the same as Rte. 117, the road from Waltham to Leominster, Mass.

I am not seeking new long-term clients.

I could help train a new bookkeeper or help resolve a bookkeeping problem on a short-term basis. $50.00/hr. + expenses, car fare, parking, &c. I charge the same hourly rate for travel time.


My first job after college (1974) was as a salesman for IBM's small computer division (General Systems Div). I worked as a 2nd, 3rd and 5th grade classroom teacher for 13 years. I have been working as a bookkeeper for 20 years.

May 6, 2013 Antique Truck Show in Deerfield, MA.

December 28, 2003, an unusually warm winter day, in my 17 ft. Sea Hunt outboard motorboat at Peddocks Island in Boston Harbor. For more Boston Harbor boating pictures, scroll down to the last link at the very bottom of this web page.

January 17, 2004 near Gardiner, Mass. ATK 260 off-road motorcycle with studded ice tires. I rode for 45 minutes around noon up on the power lines. It was 23 degrees F. My hands got a little cold wearing gloves and over-mitts. The vest covered my hydration system, including the drinking tube, so it didn't freeze. Now I ride a KTM 200 XC-W in above freezing weather on tight woods trails.

January 3, 2004. It was 44 degrees F. at Hull, Massachusetts, the southern entrance to Boston Harbor. I paddled a 10 ft. Walden Paddler kayak 300 yards across the Hull Gut to Peddocks Island. My car is parked over there by the windmill. That kayak is short and wide compared to a sleek ocean kayak, but it is seaworthy in rough water and good for short rides (or long rides if you float out a tidal river with the ebb current, wait for the tide change, and float back with the flood). On January 3rd I pulled the boat up the Peddocks Island rocky beach above the high tide line, walked through the 1905 army fort (in ruins) and along the island's shore, looking at the 20 boarded up summer cottages and at the three larger cottages that appeared to be occupied. Smoke was coming from their chimneys, and one had a large generator running and a sign about a Rottweiler guard dog. There is a variety of trash that floats up on a harbor island shore, and it stays there until the moon causes a very high tide. Then it floats loose and repositions itself all around the Boston Harbor, and you better not hit the big stuff with your outboard motor. Those big wooden beams are dark and they float low in the water.

West end of Peddocks Island at low tide on a warm winter day, January 3, 2004.

Bookkeeper tasks:

When I visit a client, I pay bills, deposit checks, calculate payroll, submit pension payments, and book all that to QuickBooks or Church Windows accounting software.

I am supervised by owners and their CPA's. Surprisingly few small businesses ask for monthly or quarterly checkups from their CPA. Routine checkups make board meeting financial presentations smoother and year-end tax prep easier.



ATK Motorcycles in Utah, the manufacturer of my first 2-stroke dirt bike (Sold the bike in 2009).

Rex Swain, my brother. Rex is a software developer.

Photos of my Apr. 3, 2004 motorboat trip on the Mississippi just north of St. Louis.

Photos of my March, 2001 Matewan, West Virginia off-road motorcycle trip.

Photos of Jan. 17, 2004 motorcycles near Gardner, Mass.

Photos of my Nov. 22, 2003 motorboat trip around Boston Harbor.