Hull, Massachusetts, Grape Island, and two lighthouses.

It was 50 degrees F. on Nov. 22, 2003

Putting in at the Winthrop, Mass. public trailer ramp. There are no docks, so I back the boat out into the water and beach it slowly in the sand off to one side of the ramp. Then I park the rig. The lack of a dock means that on busy summer days the ramp area isn't crowded.

It is almost high tide at the Graves Lighthouse, and the water is a little rough. The Graves is 9 miles east of the Marriott Long Wharf Hotel in downtown Boston (as the crow flies). I can go out there only when the wind is less than about 13 MPH.

Rowing regatta at Hull, Mass. One man said the boat was a six seat gig, seating two on each seat, each rower powering one oar.

I tied Shorty up at Langlee Island at Hingham, Mass. Water stain on the rock shows that the tide is going out. The island is an ideal campsite with two campfire sites. This side of the island was sheltered from the wind and was quite warm for a late November day.

Doug Swain aboard Shorty in the summer, 2003 taken by John Lupo, captain of Baits Motel and patient fishing instructor. Some of the more remote Boston Harbor islands are in the background.

The pier at Grape Island. There is the ruins of a house foundation once occupied by a retired slaver trade captain who had a dangerous temper and who subsisted there with a garden, fish, and, I hope, plenty of nightmares. Note the duct tape holding the chart to the boat dashboard.

This is Boston Light, about 8 air miles from downtown Boston. Going out there, you have steady protection from the harbor islands, so it's an easier destination than Graves for my 17 foot boat.